Warranty provisions are derived from the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and granting the guarantee is primarily based on the guarantees given by the manufacturer provided that these are not in contradiction with the laws of the Republic of Estonia. The warranty covers the product’s deficiencies related to production or materials during the warranty period.

  1. General warranty conditions

1.1 The warranty is valid for the product’s purposeful use for 2 years, i.e. 24 months.
1.2. The warranty period starts with the day the product was delivered.

  1. The conditions for the validity of the warranty are current regulations and instructions for installation and maintenance, which should be taken as the basis for the installation, use and maintenance of the product. The warranty shall be valid, if the product has been regularly maintained and used purposefully.
  2. Warranty does not include:

3.1. Training about the installation, maintenance and use of the product.
3.2. Repair of failures resulting from transportation damages and other mechanical damages (vandalism, lightning, fire etc.).

The warranty does not cover the failures that resulted from insufficient maintenance, incorrect installation or repair works or general wear.