The composition of OneWood terrace boards is developed for the use in Nordic climate, which highlights the best qualities of both – timber and plastic: long-term durability, natural beauty of timber and easy maintenance (does not need oiling or staining). Additionally the products are  processed against slippery, which makes the use of a terrace safe also with rainy weather.

OneWood product range comprises terrace boards with five different surface treatments: Modern (middle grooves) and Modern L (wide grooves) surfaces are available as LIGHT profile; Deep Natural (stronger wood pattern) is as NORDIC profile; Classic (grooved), Natural (wood patterned) and Basic (brushed) surfaces are available as STRONG profile. The standard range of colours includes five different most popular colours: grey, dark grey, brown, dark brown and white.

Standard length of the terrace boards is 4.2 m. On request, it is possible to have other lengths according to the selected profile from 1.5 to 4.2 meters*.

* Extra (handling) fee is 10%.

Regular fire resistance class of boeards is Cfl-s1, but it’s possible to produce boards with class Bfl-s1 (Ask more!).


LIGHT Profile

LIGHT is a hollow profile, which has a good strength and weight ratio, which makes it the most popular terrace board. Area of application: terraces, balconies, pathways, pergolas etc. Two different surfaces  – Modern ja Modern L.

NORDIC Profile

NORDIC is a full profile with Nordic elegance with qualities what satisfies the demands of public areas as well as a private clients. With Deep Natural surface treatment.

STRONG Profile

STRONG is a full profile, which qualities are most suitable for public areas like outdoor terraces of hotels, pathways, outdoor cafes, shopping centres, harbours etc. Three different surface treatments – Classic, Basic, Natural.

Starting Board/Edge Board

A board with LIGHT profilen meant to start or cover the terrace edges. One side of that board is straight what makes it the best choice as first and last board of the terrace. With Modern L surgafe treatment.

Edge Board

The board is with STRONG profile and it’s meant to use for covering the sides of the terrace. Two surface treatments – Basic and Natural.

Corner Board

The board is with Basic surfaec treatment and is used as covering the corners of the terrace for correct outcome.



Beam with LIGHT profile meant for using under the terrace boards.

End Cup

End cup for LIGHT profile terrace board.

Terrace Pedestal

Terrace pedestals with adjustable height, deifferent sizes. Suitable for using on solid, smooth surface.

Starter Clip

Stainless steel AISI 304 starting clip to install the terrace board.

Fixing Clip, Metal

Stainless steel AISI 304 fixing clip to install the terrace board.

Fixing Clip, Plastic

Plastic fixing clip, 17×36 mm, to install the terrace board.


Classic Natural Basic Modern Modern L
Dark Brown
Dark Grey
  • 100% recyclable
  • Anti-slip
  • Does not need staining or oiling
  • Splinter-free
  • EU product
  • Weatherproof
  • Wood product
  • Easy to install