Aluminium beam 40×75

14.13  rm

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Dimensions: 4000 × 40 × 75 mm

Actual Length (m) 4
Total Price 56.53 
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Material composition – AlMgSi 0,5
Expansion – ca 0,23mm per m at a temperature difference 10°C
Deflection – 1,017mm at a free span 500mm and a load of 1000N in the middle.

Onewood aluminum terrace substructure system has been developed for easy and quick assembly of terraces. The base structure as well as the installation of terrace boards is done using special bolted connections. This allows the entire terrace to be rebuilt or reused later if necessary.

Instructions for installation are here

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Weight 4.41 kg
Dimensions 4000 × 40 × 75 mm
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